Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) Are Not Harmless

There are now over:

 7 + billion wireless




Wireless Devices Are Increasing at Alarming Rates

Cisco just published a report that says by the end of 2013 there will be over 7 billion wireless devices in use.  This will exceed the world population.  By 2017, there will be 10 billion devices.  The EMF exposure on the body is only going to increase as the systems required to handle this growth will only get more powerful as cell towers are added. 

Today all of the electronics, appliances, and vehicles are being manufactured with more powerful computers.  Flat screen televisions are now computer terminals connected to the Internet.  Appliances are designed to communicate with the electric utility company to monitor usage.  Automobiles have complex on-board programmable computer systems with GPS (global positioning system) that updates continually to monitor traffic and reroute the driver when necessary; blue-tooth and wireless devices make it possible to detect and connect your cell phone service and read the vehicles tire pressure of each wheel at any time.

As more and more wireless devices invade our living, working, and traveling spaces, the body will not be able to withstand the cumulative radiation exposure from all the EMF emissions.

Researchers indicate using the Faraday Cage concept that all wireless devices inside the steel frame of a vehicle are trapped and amplified within the vehicle's cabin area.  This makes using a cell phone or electronic devices inside a car, bus, plane, or train much more harmful.

This would have to be the same for Hybrid vehicles with self generating power units in the rear wheels.  These generators are creating an electrical field within the vehicle.  We have not seen a study on this, but it would make sense to avoid these vehicles.

Source:  Cisco Visual Networking Index: Global Mobile Data Traffic Forecast Update, 2012–2017.  Retrieved from Internet on February 6, 2013 at: www.cisco.com/en/US/solutions/collateral/ns341/ns525/ns537/ns705/ns827/white_paper_c11-520862.html




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The body needs an opportunity to repair and restore itself.  The more you can guard against the affects of EMF radiation, the healthier you and your family are going to be.  Given a little assistance, the body can recover from the assault from EMF exposure.


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